Baptist Chaplain and BSF

As the recognized Baptist Chaplain at Princeton University, I’m privileged to be a part of student life and the administration.

I reach out to every student with a Baptist background when they arrive on campus in an effort to welcome them and introduce them to the Christian community on campus and local churches.

I lead the Baptist Student Fellowship (BSF), which is a gathering of students from a variety of backgrounds for Bible Study and social events.  BSF meets on campus Monday nights for dinner and Bible Study.  We study books of the Bible (e.g., Patterns in Proverbs, Parables in Luke) and topics like decision-making, the will of God, loving God with your mind, and relationships.  On Thursdays, I co-lead a discussion group on significant books such as Reason for God by Tim Keller, Simply Christian by NT Wright, A Question of God by Armand Nicoli.  I also distribute Christian books and apologetic materials on campus and meet regularly with students for individual discipleship.

I represent the Baptist Chaplaincy with Princeton University administration.  I actively participate in opening exercises, baccalaureate, graduation, Christmas and Holy Week services, and the chaplains’ council in the Office of Religious Life.  Each Wednesday at noon, I co-lead “Hour of Power,” a worship service of praise, prayer and proclomation for staff workers.

As part of Baptist church life in New Jersey, I provide pulpit supply in local churches and meet with a local group of pastors for prayer and professional development.

I appreciate both my Baptist heritage  and the larger Christian community on campus.

I’m an approved field education supervisor for students at Princeton Theological Seminary so I’m often including them in the campus ministry and building their vision for impacting college students.