Meet Busch

When I began campus ministry, I was encouraged to formulate a personal mission statement.  Aside from copying a Bible verse as my mandate (e.g., Matt. 22:37-40; 28:18-20; 2 Tim. 2:2), I arrived at “helping young adults take risks for God.”  Twenty-five years later, this still rings true.  Granted, to do this presumes students understand God and His ways adequately, but it remains my goal:  helping young adults take risks for God.

I was born on Staten Island, New York, and raised in the suburbs of Washington, DC.  My education pilgrimage took me through Virginia Tech (BS in Mechanical Engineering), Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas (Master of Divinity) and Gordon-Conwell Seminary in Massachusetts (Doctor of Ministry with an emphasis on “Christianity in the Workplace”).  I’m an ordained Baptist minister and served for eight years at West Chester University in Pennsylvania before coming to Princeton University in New Jersey in the fall of 2000.

I’m married to Lynn and we have a son and daughter, both in their early twenties.  My interests include balls and books (i.e., sports and learning).

I’m honored to be a part of the Christian formation of young adults on the Princeton campus.